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adj. Grammar
Being a verb of active meaning but passive or middle form, as certain Latin and Greek verbs.
1. Grammar A deponent verb.
2. Law One who gives testimony by affidavit or deposition.

[Middle English, from Late Latin (verbum) dēpōnēns, (verbum) dēpōnent-, deponent (verb), present participle of Latin dēpōnere, to put down; see depone.]


(Grammar) grammar (of a verb, esp in Latin) having the inflectional endings of a passive verb but the meaning of an active verb
1. (Grammar) grammar a deponent verb
2. (Law) law
a. a person who makes an affidavit
b. a person, esp a witness, who makes a deposition
[C16: from Latin dēpōnēns putting aside, putting down, from dēpōnere to put down, depone]


(dɪˈpoʊ nənt)

1. (of a verb in Latin or Greek) appearing only in the passive or Greek middle-voice forms, but with active meaning.
2. a person who gives evidence.
3. a deponent verb.
[1520–30; < Latin dēpōnent-, s. of dēpōnēns, present participle of dēpōnere. See depone, -ent]
affidavit, deponent - An affidavit (literally, "he has stated on oath") is taken by a judge, while the deponent swears, makes, or takes an affidavit.
See also related terms for judge.
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Noun1.deponent - a person who testifies or gives a deposition
witness, witnesser, informant - someone who sees an event and reports what happened


Law. One who testifies, especially in court:


n (Ling) → Deponens nt; (Jur) → vereidigter Zeuge
adj deponent verbDeponens nt
References in classic literature ?
Well, you know I couldn't get along very well without it, darling," responded Dan who, since New Year's, had adopted a new method of dealing with Felicity--whether by way of keeping his resolution or because he had discovered that it annoyed Felicity far more than angry retorts, deponent sayeth not.
Dolly in the meanwhile, whose gay heart and head ran upon other matters, passed out at the garden door, and glancing back now and then (but of course not wondering whether Joe saw her), tripped away by a path across the fields with which she was well acquainted, to discharge her mission at the Warren; and this deponent hath been informed and verily believes, that you might have seen many less pleasant objects than the cherry-coloured mantle and ribbons, as they went fluttering along the green meadows in the bright light of the day, like giddy things as they were.
In the taking of legal oaths, for instance, deponents seem to enjoy themselves mightily when they come to several good words in succession, for the expression of one idea; as, that they utterly detest, abominate, and abjure, or so forth; and the old anathemas were made relishing on the same principle.
Super tertio deponit eundem esse verum for that he this deponent was in the parlor and sawe the minstrells playinge and the articulated Wim Appowell then and ther Daw[n]cinge wth diuers women whose names this iurate knoweth not and at the ende of the daw[n]ces he kissed them vt dicit et aliter nescit deponere.
he never began conversations and the deponent [Townsend] could not obtain any opinion from him in answer to questions; .
My favorite deponent is the papal diplomat and later cardinal Michele Della Torre, nearly every one of whose responses was tersely (and haughtily) negative.
The President, asked why oral sex performed on himself did not fall within the definition, said: "Because if the deponent is a person who has oral sex performed on them, the contact is with the lips of another person.
The President further testified before the grand jury: `(I)f the deponent is the person who has oral sex performed on him, then the contact is with - not with anything on that list, but with the lips of another person.
If his position failed to garner support from the other directors, he would conclude, "Further, deponent saith not" Most of his positions proved eventually to be correct and were later bought into by his fellow directors.
54 percent of corporate counsel attorneys said their company does not have a designated technical witness for deposition about electronic data systems and managementCoa so-called 30(b)(6) deponent.
Sworn by the said Robert Kozaczyk at 34 Westmoreland Street, in the city of Dublin this 26th day of March 2014 by me a/Practising Solicitor and I know the Deponent Robert Kozaczyk Freda murphy Practising Solicitor filed this day 26th of March 2014 by Paul W Tracey Solicitors 34 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2
The witness or deponent providing opinion evidence regarding the accused's rehabilitative potential must possess sufficient information and knowledge about the accused to offer a rationally-based opinion that is helpful to the sentencing authority.