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The act or an instance of deposing from office.


(Law) another word for deposition2


(dɪˈpoʊ zəl)

the act of deposing from office.
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As many as 125 garbage containers would also placed in different nook and cranny of the city so that waste deposal system would be improved, he added.
The ACA was formed after the ouster of Morsi, demanding his return to office and the deposal of the post-3 July regime.
This type in civil law called as: deposal divorce or mobaray divorce (amend 1146 civil law: deposal divorce refers to when woman based on her dislike of husband gave him money to divorce although the money is like just the cabine or more or less of it) .
ABSTRACT: There is lack of infrastructure almost in every field in Pakistan including rail road water supply waste deposal and oil and gas transportation.
Since Morsi's deposal, the world's top oil exporter has thrown its weight behind Sisi and provided Egypt's interim government with aid worth billions of U.
As the figure shows, the 846 people killed during the January-February 2011 popular uprising and the fatalities in the wake of Morsi's deposal in July 2013 seem exceptional.
Since Gaddafi's deposal, the country has been in chaos, involving many players and factions all vying for power in different parts of the country, with the government still trying to bring the situation under control.
was the bumper year before the uprising that began in January 2011, which resulted in the deposal of then president Hosni Mubarak.
In the vacuum left by the deposal of white power stands the unorganized and uncentralized existence of black power.
Also required is some sort of national unanimity in the deposal of Essam Sharaf's cabinet and the appointment of a national unity cabinet including representatives of Copts and Muslims and all major parts of the homeland.
Following the forceful deposal of Saddam Hussein, US president George W.