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1. The act of deposing, as from high office.
2. The act of depositing, especially the laying down of matter by a natural process.
3. Something deposited; a deposit.
4. Law Sworn testimony recorded for use in court at a later date.
5. Deposition The removal of Jesus from the cross.

dep′o·si′tion·al adj.


of or relating to a deposition
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The depositional environment caused the Newcastle/Muddy Formation to include several beds of intertongued sand, silt, and clay, which then caused smaller intervals of much higher porosity/permeability.
Nearly all researchers consider the linear dunes on Titan to be of depositional origin, but their morphodynamic interpretations are complicated and their relationships to wind directions are in dispute.
The project will extend the interpretation to include gross depositional environment mapping, seismic facies analysis and play fairway analysis over time.
Low turbidity is a result of mineralogical maturity and grain-size sorting in the natural depositional environment.
1998, 2004), which may no longer preserve early diagenetic REE signal reflecting depositional palaeoenvironment.
4% was found in depositional areas, indicating the presence of weak deposition in the landscape.
0 will provide interpreters with new ways of analysing seismic data, thereby increasing interpreter understanding of their depositional history and improving the ability to find stratigraphic traps and build accurate geologic models.
The rocks were classified in the field using a hand lens and their depositional fabric were described [5].
The generated data is a valuable asset to calibrate wireline logs and to understand the depositional environment, reservoir geometry and reservoir quality.
Seismic stratigraphy and depositional facies models.
Adetognathus is uncommonly abundant, indicating that the depositional environment of the shales was very restricted, low energy, shallow-water, possibly a lagoon or a small embayment.
This lies in the same basin as Ngamia and Twiga South, but its depositional setting is different.