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v. de·pre·ci·at·ed, de·pre·ci·at·ing, de·pre·ci·ates
1. To lessen the price or value of: An increase in the supply of money depreciated the currency.
2. To write off an expenditure for (a tangible asset) by prorating over a certain period, usually the estimated useful life of the asset.
3. To think or speak of as being of little worth; belittle. See Synonyms at disparage. See Usage Note at deprecate.
To diminish in price or value: "When issued in excess, as during the Revolution, paper depreciated in value" (Daniel Feller).

[Medieval Latin dēpreciāre, dēpreciāt-, alteration of Latin dēpretiāre : dē-, de- + pretium, price; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

de·pre′cia·ble (-shə-bəl) adj.
de·pre′ci·a′tor n.
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Adj.1.depreciating - tending to decrease or cause a decrease in value; "a depreciating currency"; "depreciatory effects on prices"
decreasing - becoming less or smaller
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It was a dislike so little justevery imputed fault was so magnified by fancy, that she never saw Jane Fairfax the first time after any considerable absence, without feeling that she had injured her; and now, when the due visit was paid, on her arrival, after a two years' interval, she was particularly struck with the very appearance and manners, which for those two whole years she had been depreciating.
I have done my best to keep clear of the two vanities--the vanity of depreciating and the vanity of praising my own personal appearance.
Gregson and Lestrade seemed to be far from satisfied by this assurance, or by the depreciating allusion to the detective police.
Although depreciating licenses are a theoretically ideal solution, many of the same benefits can be achieved in another way that may be more consistent with traditional FCC policy and practice: using the "foothold auction" system, which modifies standard auction rules to provide advantages to incumbent licensees.
2 percent while depreciating against the pound by 0.
New Delhi, July 10 -- Feeling the heat of the depreciating rupee, German luxury car maker Audi AG will increase prices across its entire range in India by 2-4 per cent, effective from July 15.
Even if the sol is depreciating we will keep buying (dollars) and you'd expect the sol to depreciate a bit more.
In finance parlance, they are called depreciating assets.
90 for buying and after depreciating 10 paisas closed at Rs 133.
Saudi could see higher inflation rates in 2010 because of the depreciating dollar and increasing commodity prices, according to a report released by the Saudi-based National Commercial Bank (NCB).