depreciation charge

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Noun1.depreciation charge - an amount periodically charged to expense or against revenue in compensation for depreciation of property
charge - the price charged for some article or service; "the admission charge"
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The club's operating profit increased from PS5,000 to PS230,000, but they were hit by a net depreciation charge of PS1.
5m - against a loss of PS668,000 in 2012 - including a depreciation charge of PS1.
The impact of sharp rise in commodity prices and inflationary pressure was compensated by aggressive cost control measures coupled with less than proportionate increase in depreciation charge and substantial increase in treasury income.
On 30th June, the OPTI-EX[TM] has been transferred to "assets held for sale" and, therefore, no depreciation charge will be recorded in the Income Statement in the future.
However, the current downturn in economy, in addition to increased depreciation charge, incurred by the company due to launch of the new fiber optic capabilities, is expected to keep profitability in check.
This issue might have been mitigated by a compromise to use units-of-usage (probably based on ton-miles) methodology to determine the depreciation charge.
Management's prediction of the future value of the asset impacts the size of the depreciation charge.
At the same time, after taking account of a depreciation charge resulting from a revaluation of fixed assets, and the money made from the sale of two hotels - Dublin's Green Isle and the Tara - pre-tax profits edged up 0.
Increased security and insurance costs following the September 11 terrorist attacks, plus a full year's depreciation charge on the new terminal building had offset the benefit of a 31pc increase in passenger numbers.
5m,but this included increased insurance and security costs post-September 11 and the first full year's depreciation charge on the new pounds 32.
The remaining useful life of the subject property is accounted for by a depreciation charge to the replacement costs new.