depreciation rate

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Noun1.depreciation rate - the rate at which the value of property is reduced; used to calculate tax deduction
charge per unit, rate - amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis; "a 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5"
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In both years, the average depreciation rate for joint ventures was about half that for state-owned firms.
This made the dependent variable in the estimated model, shown in equation (5) below, the vehicle's realized depreciation rate or ([P.
Second, this estimated depreciation rate is higher when the sample under investigation contains a greater proportion of recent reentrants.
Depreciation rate and miles per gallon are examples of product attributes of automobiles, while age and sex are examples of consumer characteristics.
In 1970, the depreciation rate for the stock of equipment was 12.
For each asset, user costs equal the nominal rate of return to the asset minus its price change, plus the depreciation rate and the rate of taxation on the asset.
Under commonly used methods of constructing user costs, the only element that is specific to the asset is the depreciation rate.
This depreciation rate Hill reduce the taxpayer's basis in the automobile.
But in basic form, the rule would give a $10,000 permanent fixture a 39-year depreciation rate of $256 for the first year.
Where f(S) is the well behaved production function of academic work, [rho] is the scholar subjective rate of time preference,[phi] is the depreciation rate (or the unitary cost of academic work), and [delta] is the unitary cost of external work.
Sosnick has concentrated on electric formula rates, cost of service rates, levelized cost of service rates, allocation of corporate overhead costs, master-limited partnership income taxes, throughput/system rate design quantities, cost allocation and rate design, natural gas pipeline fuel recovery mechanisms, extraordinary events surcharge trackers, Section 5 of the NGA rate proceedings and extensive exposure to depreciation rate calculations and Return on Equity calculations under the FERC Discounted Cash Flow methodology.
The electricity distribution company revaluated the vehicles, and then installed the depreciation rate from 80% to 99.