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v. dep·re·dat·ed, dep·re·dat·ing, dep·re·dates
To ransack; plunder.
To engage in plundering.

[Late Latin dēpraedārī, dēpraedāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin praedārī, to plunder (from praeda, booty; see ghend- in Indo-European roots).]

dep′re·da′tor n.
de·pred′a·to′ry (dĭ-prĕd′ə-tôr′ē, dĕp′rĭ-də-) adj.


(tr) rare to plunder or destroy; pillage
[C17: from Late Latin dēpraedārī to ravage, from Latin de- + praeda booty; see prey]
ˈdepreˌdator n
depredatory adj


(ˈdɛp rɪˌdeɪt)

v. -dat•ed, -dat•ing. v.t.
1. to plunder or lay waste to; prey upon; pillage; ravage.
2. to plunder; pillage.
[1620–30; < Late Latin dēpraedātus, past participle of depraedārī to plunder = Latin dē- de- + praedārī to plunder (see predator)]
dep`re•da′tion, n.
dep′re•da`tor, n.
dep•re•da•to•ry (dɪˈprɛd əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i) adj.


Past participle: depredated
Gerund: depredating

I depredate
you depredate
he/she/it depredates
we depredate
you depredate
they depredate
I depredated
you depredated
he/she/it depredated
we depredated
you depredated
they depredated
Present Continuous
I am depredating
you are depredating
he/she/it is depredating
we are depredating
you are depredating
they are depredating
Present Perfect
I have depredated
you have depredated
he/she/it has depredated
we have depredated
you have depredated
they have depredated
Past Continuous
I was depredating
you were depredating
he/she/it was depredating
we were depredating
you were depredating
they were depredating
Past Perfect
I had depredated
you had depredated
he/she/it had depredated
we had depredated
you had depredated
they had depredated
I will depredate
you will depredate
he/she/it will depredate
we will depredate
you will depredate
they will depredate
Future Perfect
I will have depredated
you will have depredated
he/she/it will have depredated
we will have depredated
you will have depredated
they will have depredated
Future Continuous
I will be depredating
you will be depredating
he/she/it will be depredating
we will be depredating
you will be depredating
they will be depredating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been depredating
you have been depredating
he/she/it has been depredating
we have been depredating
you have been depredating
they have been depredating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been depredating
you will have been depredating
he/she/it will have been depredating
we will have been depredating
you will have been depredating
they will have been depredating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been depredating
you had been depredating
he/she/it had been depredating
we had been depredating
you had been depredating
they had been depredating
I would depredate
you would depredate
he/she/it would depredate
we would depredate
you would depredate
they would depredate
Past Conditional
I would have depredated
you would have depredated
he/she/it would have depredated
we would have depredated
you would have depredated
they would have depredated
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To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war:
Archaic: harrow, spoil.


vt (= plunder)plündern; (= vandalize)verwüsten
References in classic literature ?
While the agitated parent was listening to the vivid description that his daughter gave of her recent danger, and her unexpected escape, all thoughts of mines, vested rights, and examinations were absorbed in emotion; and when the image of Natty again crossed his recollection, it was not as a law Less and depredating squatter, but as the preserver of his child.
Conversely, more specialized predators, such as Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) and cougars (Puma concolor), may continue depredating their primary prey during periods of reduced abundance instead of switching to alternate food sources (Villepique et al.
Meanwhile, favouring selfish and colluded actors, and consequently depriving, displacing and destabilizing local communities and jeopardizing their essential livelihoods and depredating the ecosystems necessary for their sustainable living.
Hence, this pixel selection mechanism reduced the number of shifted pixels for depredating embedding distortion.
The swarms were pictured as depredating armies that invaded entire regions, causing famine and death.
In this study, Alcaligenes faecalis bacteria have been identified as a microorganism capable of depredating hydrocarbons and to clean up environment.
Contact the FWC for details on the Depredating Deer Permits.
The analysis revealed that Cluster Dextrin attenuated the release of stress hormones, including cytokines induced by physical activity far more than glucose, proving its effectiveness in reducing the depredating effect that vigorous exercise has on the immune system.
In 2011, Texas enacted an addition to its wildlife code, stating "A qualified landowner or landowner's agent, as determined by commission rule, may contract to participate as a hunter or observer in using a helicopter to take depredating feral hogs or coyotes under the authority of a permit issued under this subchapter.
More importantly, too casually re-presenting depredating and drunken Indians overshadows how Native Americans both disrupted and negotiated the imposition of labour discipline.
Aims and objectives of the present studies were, therefore, to survey a watermelon field in an urban garden and to estimate the depredations incurred by various bird pests at various growth stages, and to determine the impact of distress sound player in minimizing the visitations by the depredating birds, and to compare the difference in terms of the damage from unprotected conditions.