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Noun1.depressed fracture - fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in
fracture, break - breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
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After being taken to hospital Mr Jawaid was making a good recovery from the depressed skull fracture inflicted during the robbery.
Robert Gibb, 28, suffered a depressed skull fracture when he hit a stone while enduro racing in the Northumberland countryside.
A depressed skull fracture suffered in the crash - at an isolated location in the Northumberland countryside - meant emergency help and medical treatment were essential to his long-term recovery.
As a result of the hammer attack, Mr Newell was left with a depressed skull fracture and other injuries to his face and body.
He was taken to hospital under police escort with a depressed skull fracture.
O'Dwyer suffered a depressed skull fracture and spent several days in the head injuries unit at Glasgow's Southern General.
Since trephination was practiced for a number of reasons (including allowing egress of bad spirits in cases of illness and head injury), it is conceivable that the trephination was made directly over a depressed skull fracture.
The horrific attack which happened in Wallasey on April 9 left the 17-year-old victim with a depressed skull fracture, but miraculously he was allowed home from hospital the next day.
He said he had suffered a number of serious injuries, including a depressed skull fracture and an injury to his spinal cord and that he had gone into cardiac arrest after his blood pressure became unstable.
The 38-year-old African man was treated in hospital and requires reconstructive surgery after sustaining a depressed skull fracture during the beating.
Cech has worn a protective scrum cap ever since he was forced to undergo emergency surgery for a depressed skull fracture in the wake of being caught on the head by Reading's Stephen Hunt in October 2006.
A post mortem revealed Jordan suffered a depressed skull fracture and a rupture to an artery which had caused bleeding in the brain.