depth charge

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depth charge

A charge designed for detonation at a preset depth under water, used especially against submarines. Also called depth bomb.

depth charge


depth bomb

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a bomb used to attack submarines that explodes at a pre-set depth of water

depth′ charge`

an explosive device used underwater, esp. against submarines, and set to detonate at a predetermined depth. Also called depth′ bomb`.
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Noun1.depth charge - a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under waterdepth charge - a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water; antisubmarine device
bomb - an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions
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The Depth Charge Mk 11 (DC Mk 11), in various modification states, has been in service since the early part of World War 2 and used in Anti-Submarine Warfare.
A coat of dull-gray paint, combined with new weapons that included depth charges and additional three-inch guns, fitted Campbell for convoy escort work.
On October 20, 1942, off Port Said, Petard and other destroyers located U-559 which, after a 10-hour depth charge attack, was forced to surface and was hit by a shell from the Tyne ship's guns.
To this end a massive new waste storage building is nearing completion - at a cost of pounds 20m it's about the size of a 4-storey football pitch and will hold 368 huge concrete blocks and almost 2,500 depth charge looking barrels.
We reduced the number of parts of the reactor from 3,000 to 500, while increasing its strength to take the worst depth charge shocks that the submarine could withstand.
In Will and Mercy, however, is a depth charge absent from all "Greek godhood" obsessionals: the quintessential longing "for that eternal safety that animals never know and cannot guarantee their young.
All of the thermoplastic materials originally tested for this application proved to be too brittle, and cracked when subjected to repeated concussions of a simulated depth charge attack.
Well, their laughs soon changed to looks of envy and respect (that was the line that had sold me a hundred different bass lures as a kid, but in this case it was true) for the instant the mouse (pronounced moose in Labrador) landed, he was engulfed by a violent depth-charge-like explosion, at least if you picture a depth charge starting out at the bottom of the river and exploding upward in a silvery-cream bubble.
This had been a disappointment so, although unsure of the effect a depth charge might have on the gun and its emplacement, supposing the DCs' poor ballistics permitted a direct hit, or even a near miss, we selected it as our secondary target.
troops when his submarine ran aground on the eastern shore of Hawaii's Oahu Island after being dogged in a depth charge attack by the U.
Before long, they were throwing depth charge - a concoction of whisky and cider - down their throats at the function.
The fire broke out after a depth charge exploded prematurely during a training exercise on May 29, 1962.