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tr. & intr.v. dep·u·rat·ed, dep·u·rat·ing, dep·u·rates
To cleanse or purify or become cleansed or purified.

[Medieval Latin dēpūrāre, dēpūrāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin pūrus, pure; see peuə- in Indo-European roots.]

dep′u·ra′tion n.
dep′u·ra′tor n.


n. depuración, purificación.
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I would like to see a depuration of the armed forces and security forces.
Biokinetics of zinc and cadmium accumulation and depuration at different stages in the cycle of the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis.
As the second phase of the scales depuration process, we have submitted the factorial solutions to validation through the Confirmatory Factorial Analysis technique, which allows us to examine the measurement model and the structural model and the global model, which ensures the validity and reliability of the measurement scales by further depurating them if necessary.
Since the late 1940's, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries has conducted a transplanting program from polluted harbors and rivers, such as the Taunton River, which flows past Fall River into Narragansett Bay, to certified beds in Narragansett and Buzzards Bays for depuration and subsequent harvesting by fishermen.
During 12 intervals covering five days including a 1 day depuration period, plants were removed and examined for Cd levels.
A significant fraction of the meat yield in recent years has originated from aquaculture operations and relay depuration programs, with catch statistics derived from natural beds diminishing dramatically.
Another section covers the hygiene survey of growing waters, depuration and relaying of molluscan shellfish, using indicator information for managing risks, epidemological studies and statistical sampling of growing waters and shellfish meats.
But in Jamaica Bay, it is not possible at present to grow oysters and relay them to cleaner waters for depuration and sale.
development and frequency of antibiotic resistance in natural microbial communities and clinical isolates 12 How can the uptake of Studies into the uptake, ionizable PPCPs into depuration, and metabolism aquatic and terrestrial of a range of ionizable organisms and through food PPCPs with different chains be predicted?
Uptake, tissue distribution and depuration of cadmium (Cd) in the frog Rana ridibunda.