deputy minister

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deputy minister

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Canada) the senior civil servant in a government department

dep′uty min′ister

Canadian. a top-ranking civil servant in a government department.
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It is for this reason that Deputy Minister spent time in his constituency of Modimolle as well as other parts of the Province namely Bela-Bela and the Capricorn District Municipality.
The Deputy Minister said: "New lifeblood and fresh ideas are essential for Welsh agriculture to meet the challenges of an everchanging industry.
The Deputy Minister was at the Welsh Government's Cathays Park offices in Cardiff to meet more than 20 young people taking their first steps in a civil service career.
From 2002 until 2005, he worked as the Deputy Minister of Education and Science.
The Government must clarify what the Deputy Minister meant by these statements and explain what plans it has for the future of funding to the arts in Wales.
Bulgariaas Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Monday appointed several deputy ministers under proposals made by the respective heads of ministries.
The minister's speech was delivered by the deputy minister.
Prince Fahad was named as deputy minister of defense in last April.
The Council of Ministers approved today and tabled before the House of Representatives a bill to amend current legislation which would allow the appointment of Deputy Ministers at six ministries.
said Deputy Minister Koru drawing attention to the potential scope for bilateral cooperation covering a huge geography in, and possibly beyond Eurasia.
Tripoli'As part of his effort to get the cabinet going, Prime Minister Ali Zidan has appointed over 45 Deputy and Assistant Deputy Ministers.
Rovshen Nuryagdyev was appointed the Deputy Minister of Finance.

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