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1. derivation.
2. derivative.
3. derive.
4. derived.
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Efery one in der world is afraid of der monkeys except der snake.
When I was collecting dose liddle monkeys-it was in '79 or '80, und I was in der islands of der Archipelago-over dere in der dark"-he pointed southward to New Guinea generally-"Mein Gott
But he haf der beautiful body--ach, Gott, der beautiful body
He go many times before der clubs; he get many purses--ten dollar, fifty dollar, one hundred dollar.
Lefferts Rushworth (the lovely widow), the Harry Thorleys, the Reggie Chiverses and young Morris Dagonet and his wife (who was a van der Luyden).
Welland, who confided it to Newland Archer; who, aflame at the outrage, appealed passionately and authoritatively to his mother; who, after a painful period of inward resistance and outward temporising, succumbed to his instances (as she always did), and immediately embracing his cause with an energy redoubled by her previous hesitations, put on her grey velvet bonnet and said: "I'll go and see Louisa van der Luyden.
Ay tank we go into Collinsville yust der same," he said.
Marmaduke assented to this indirect question, and the sheriff relinquished all his intentions on the subject of the ride, and, repairing to the breakfast parlor, he dispatched a messenger to require the immediate presence of Dirck Van der School.
Der Ansicht kann ich nicht genug Preis geben,"* said one of them.
She was a bigger ship than the Karl der Grosse, but five or six years older.
Therefore, it is either DER (the) Regen, or DIE (the) Regen, or DAS (the) Regen, according to which gender it may turn out to be when I look.
Yes, you see, Andy, Missis wants to make time,--dat ar's clar to der most or'nary 'bserver.