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Black economic empowerment, which seeks to deracialise the economy and broaden economic empowerment, is a social transformation and legal reality.
lot of people who were involved in public health became very involved in policies around health, contributing to how we were going to unify a health system, how we were going to deracialise it, how we were going to make it more primary-care based .
The removal of draconian laws does not automatically deracialise space and in the shifting landscape of redefinition space retains a political identity, albeit a fluid one.
Cynical scholars in the domains of cultural studies and the politics of language would probably comment that moves to deracialise Afrikaans in an attempt to retain it as a high-function language in South Africa is an example of supreme irony.
The one-city concept was one kind of a move to deracialise cities so that the barrier concomitant with the 'evil' of separate development was sterilised.
Amselle, tout d'abord, << deracialise >> pour sa part le concept de metissage en defendant que toute culture est metisse et se reinvente aux contacts des autres.
Probably a majority of texts in the surveyed body of writing, and certainly a majority of noteworthy published English-language autobiographies of the past ten years, come from South Africans who contributed significant energy to the eventually successful attempt to deracialise and democratise the political-legal system.
For the first time in my adult life I heard a party leader clearly attempting to deracialise the issue of immigration and to treat it like any other question of political and economic management .
Similarly, the following excerpts from reviews of Radiance depoliticise and deracialise the film.
14) When a third centre for training black medical students opened in 1951--the Natal Medical School that aimed to train 35 - 40 black doctors annually--Xuma argued that the school should not substitute for medical training abroad, and insisted that this foreign training did not deracialise blacks (as some critics had alleged), in the sense that they would wish to treat white patients on their return.
The South Africa/Africa leadership thesis originated in South Africa and has been presented by both the ruling elite and local academics since the apartheid government announced its decision to deracialise South African politics.