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Though hardly realistic, the scenario of "The Lobster" isn't quite as detached from reality as the films of Roy Andersson, say, which oscillate easily from weird humor to deracinated existentialism.
When appealing to categories that transcend nationality, such as 'humanity' or 'class,'" remarks Matthews, "socialism has appeared bloodless and deracinated .
In Kelly's previous collection of essays, Debora Silverman notes that: "We tend to over secularize the avant-garde, and our cultural history is too dependent on a model of modernism that presumes a succession of defiant, anticlerical, and deracinated groups of cultural innovators who engage in a century-long battle against bankrupt bourgeois philistinism" (Debora Silverman, "Transcending the World?
The first-person narrator, Myriam, is condemned by the bloodiness of recent Lebanese history to suffer a deracinated life of pain and loss.
It would seem that instead of detourning the artistic paradigm that Debord represents, and thus assigning it new political meaning, the artist has transposed the Situationist's deracinated images into an undefined temporality, blending them with her own framed photographs of troll dolls (Little People, 2005), a white flocked peace symbol (Peace, 2010), and commissioned remakes of Alberto Vargas's '60s pinups ("Playboys," 1991-93), among other items.
Its target: Ike the unbeliever, the deracinated young man who, like so many other immigrants, dreamed of making it in America.
The poem's orthographical strangeness is just as much Mallarme as it is Coleridge: though its nonstandard spelling and phatic expressions convey the orality-effect of a deracinated dialect verse, this is a game played with the written signifier.
emblematizes the broken world of deracinated Maori who try to connect with each other through white culture" (307).
In other words, the black arrives at the torture chamber in a psychic state too deracinated to be credited to a prior torture.
She theorizes paternal postfeminist melancholia as the dominant affective register of the male melodrama of postfeminist fatherhood, but also addresses the variety of other formations of postfeminist fatherhoods in contemporary American popular cinema, including post-9/11 avenging fatherhood, fatherhood as a means to negotiate the implied physical decline and social obsolescence of aging, fatherhood as a means of transcending troubling dimensions of immature masculinity, and contrasting "ghettocentric" versus deracinated discourses of African American fatherhood.
LAHORE -- The police stormed and deracinated the hunger strike camp of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) besides arresting the party Punjab president and others here on Saturday.
As in the later work, politics is filtered through the consciousness of selected individuals, notably Elizabeth Dearborn, an impoverished artist born in Northern Ireland but raised in England before becoming an art student in Dublin where, as one of Manning's deracinated heroines, she looks on the war between the Irish and the British with the eyes of an outsider.