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IT'S OVER Four excited Newcastle schoolchildren, each with one shilling to spend, eye up the sweets as rationing ends; below, people queuing for horse meat in 1950s Britain; grocery assistant William Wanup, serves a customer on the first day of derationing of butter
The Legacy Arctic battery delivers optimal voltage, capacity and service life in cold storage and freezer applications, while protecting against undercharging and derationing of capacity and charge acceptance.
And the news was so ecstatically greeted that members of the London Housewives Association held a special ceremony in London's Trafalgar Square to mark Derationing Day.
With world prices of most foods falling it is possible the derationing of some of the commodities will be achieved before the autumn.
deregulation of sugar industry, including derationing of sugar in 1983;
But for a generation numbed by wartime austerity, sweet derationing wasn't a bad start.
With the derationing of sugar in August 1985 the effective demand of sugar has since rapidly increased necessitating sugar imports.