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(diːˌriːəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


a symptom of various psychological and medical conditions, as well as a side-effect of certain treatments and drugs, whereby the world around one seems less realthe act of making something unreal


n. separación de la realidad, ausencia de realización de un mundo exterior antes reconocido.


n (psych) desrealización f
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Factor analysis showed that the measure has three subscales of depersonalization and derealization, amnesia and absorption and imaginative involvement (29,30).
The symptoms include magical thinking, ideas of reference, illusions, derealization, depersonalization, impaired functioning, poor hygiene, persecutory thoughts, and flat affect.
It suggests that the apparent immateriality of a networked world requires "lightness" in all things (like "light construction" in architecture), which is little more than the old fantasy of technological disembodiment retooled for a cyberspatial age, and advances the fact of social derealization to boot.
These brain disorders and conditions may produce depersonalization, derealization, ecstasy, a sense of timelessness and spacelessness, and other experiences that foster religious-numinous interpretation.
Symptoms of dissociation listed in DSM-IV include a subjective sense of numbing or detachment, reduced emotional responsiveness, reduced awareness of the surroundings ("being in a daze"), derealization, depersonalization, or dissociative amnesia.
24) There is no indication of Ti-O-N linkage in the given FTIR spectra, which indicates the derealization of the nitrogen electron pair to the phenyl ring so that it is not available for donating to the vacant d-orbital of Ti.
2 h oral dose; 22-28 min Therapeutic use Not strongly To treat cataplexy supported associated with narcolepsy Clinical effects Feelings of empathy, 10 mg/kg: euphoria, energy, psychomotor amnesia, and drive, self- hypotonia; 20/30 mg/ confidence, kg: somnolence; > 50 depression, mg/kg: derealization, unconsciousness and depersonalization, coma; anxiety well being, positive reduction, increases mood, heightened relaxation, enhances perception & sensory libido, agitation, awareness, increase nystagmus, ataxia, in the sensuality of vomiting, muscle sexual experiences, spasms, effects inhibition of orgasm similar to alcohol and erectile (13).
As Butler (2006) explains, the most important feature of the dissociative experience is absorption and in all dissociative experiences, pathological and non-pathological, self-reflective mechanisms are terminated and because of that, in any dissociative experience the sense of self is lost and the experience of body and world is changed--which is described as depersonalization and derealization.
The sense of separation may dissolve to the extent of depersonalization or derealization, which may be pathological for the unprepared, yet liberating for a person who has become relatively free of persona and anima/animus identifications and is prepared for an expanded identity with Self.
Western writing over the centuries is from one angle a kind of derealization machine: insert the lesbian and watch her disappear" (6).
Telotte interprets cinematic derealization as turning war into "a kind of detached spectacle, an image as divorced from the real destruction of objects and bodies it entails as any generic war film, and thus all the more difficult to understand.