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tr.v. de·re·pressed, de·re·press·ing, de·re·press·es
To induce the operation of (a gene) by deactivating the repressor.

de′re·pres′sion (-prĕsh′ən) n.


vb (tr)
to cause (a gene) to cease to be repressed, by deactivating its depressor
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Finally, the most valuable model to study the function of miRNA is genetic deletion, which should exclusively derepress only those mRNAs that are physiologically repressed by the miRNA.
Dramatic progress has been made in recent years in auxin signaling, especially in understanding the ARF family of transcription factors that collaborate with Aux/IAA proteins to repress and derepress auxin-controlled transcription (Parry & Estelle, 2006; Quint & Gray, 2006).