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tr.v. de·re·pressed, de·re·press·ing, de·re·press·es
To induce the operation of (a gene) by deactivating the repressor.

de′re·pres′sion (-prĕsh′ən) n.


the act of derepressing a gene
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aeruginosa and restores susceptibility to ceftazidime in isolates in which the mechanism of resistance is that of stable derepression of that enzyme.
sup][7],[8] Besides telomere shortening,[sup][9] cell cycle abnormality such as epigenetic derepression of the INK4a/ARF locus is a key pathological feature for CS,[sup][10] which has crucial implications for aging and age-related degenerative diseases.
Notably, when these regulatory lncRNAs are repressed the result can be a concomitant activation of their protein-coding counter parts expression as a result of derepression of the lncRNA-targeted locus.
An analysis of the partial metabolic derepression of sea urchin eggs by ammonia: the existence of independent pathways.
Stress leads to derepression of specific genes whose functions are related to the stress.
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64) However, gene deprivation of EZH2 did not induce derepression of HoxA9 expression unlike that of ASXL1 despite the fact that EZH2 and ASXL1 collaborate in repressing gene expression through EZH2-mediated H3K27me3.
Derepression of c-Fos caused by microRNA139 down-regulation contributes to the metastasis of human hepatocellular carcinoma.