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tr.v. de·rid·ed, de·rid·ing, de·rides
To laugh at, speak of, or write about dismissively or contemptuously. See Synonyms at ridicule.

[Latin dērīdēre : dē-, de- + rīdēre, to laugh at.]

de·rid′er n.
de·rid′ing·ly adv.


nVerspotter(in) m(f), → Spötter(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
Whereupon Tom arose, and giving vent thus to his grief and shame and rage, smote his derider on the nose; and made it bleed; which sent that young worthy howling to the usher, who reported Tom for violent and unprovoked assault and battery.
span xml:lang="EN-GBCLOSELY OBSERVED STRANGERspan xml:lang="EN-GBAs they prepare to see who between Wasiwasi and his chief derider, Wamuyu, is the undisputed wizard of the game of marbles, a nervous stranger attracts their attention.
Sentant cela m'emplir, se diffuser au fond de mon coeur et derider mon ame, j'ai pris la decision de m'arreter une minuute pour chercher une formule de remerciement adequate.
L'idole ivoirienne n'a pas su derider la partie des la premiere periode, engoncee dans la pression de ce classique entre le roi des podiums (13 en 16 participations nigerianes passees) et le roi des favoris, et dont le perdant s'attendait a essuyer un orage populaire une fois de retour a la maison.
Indeed the laughable aspect of "rusty" old Krapp has changed from beginning to end, spanning, as Ronan McDonald says: "[a] rich and multiple irony, in which the middle-aged man derides his youthful ambitions and then, years later, derides the derider.
He shows throughout the ubiquity of the Jew as torturer, disrupter of Christian ritual, derider of Christ and his mother.