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Adv.1.derisorily - in a disrespectful and mocking manner; "`Sorry,' she repeated derisively"
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Although more than 300 workers died in this accident, no public official is on trial right now and it looks like the private company personnel will get away with derisorily small punishments, if any.
The Left's critics have often claimed derisorily that the Left believes in the "perfectibility" of human beings.
In a televised interview conducted by the Blue Nile Channel, the (NCP) President Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir was asked if he would agree to the flaws in the huge budget allocated for the security and defense compared to the meager one that has been allocated for health services and education; the President replied without hesitation: "If a government's budget dedicated for the armed forces is derisorily small, we cannot have a strong security and if any state without security, strong enemies and people will take a look above us