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 (dĭ-rŏg′ə-tĭv, dĕr′ə-gā′-)
1. Tending to derogate; detractive.
2. Disparaging; derogatory.

de·rog′a·tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.derogative - expressive of low opinion; "derogatory comments"; "disparaging remarks about the new house"
uncomplimentary - tending to (or intended to) detract or disparage


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When Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar used a derogative word against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP had gone to town seeking action against him, and the Congress in no time suspended him from the party.
Thus Scene2 sprang up in the wake, to suppress the derogative and humiliating self-image of the protagonist in Scenes and to soothe his fear and shame.
The investigation also evinced that like other politicians, President Buhari deploys proximisation features to negatively distance the construal enemy (ODC) from the discourse space and by negatively positioning them with derogative ideological values as killers, terrorist and extremists.
She chose yellow to symbolize the "Yellow Peril," a derogative name Asians were called during this period.
The term "Luddite"--today, typically a derogative term referring to someone who rejects technology--was born from early-19th-century English textile workers who destroyed machines in their mills in attempt to preserve their livelihoods.
Horrigan sent expletive comments and when given the opportunity to apologise, sent further derogative remarks, the court was told.
In addition to this, he is with the habit of throwing derogative statements against his political opponents with dire consequences," the letter stated.
On set, he would be in character and make some derogative comment about Jack and Vera, then between takes he would continue taking the mickey.
Although many jo-Kaleko considered Lang'o (a derogative Dholuo term meaning 'thieves' or 'deceivers') as political allies during and after the 2007 general election, because William Ruto.
Despite Thomas Rymer's derogative criticism of the tragedy in 1693 as "so much ado.
Another group unravels a banner, the Prime Minister's name followed by a derogative misogynistic word.