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also der·ri·ere  (dĕr′ē-âr′)
The buttocks; the rear.

[French, behind, from Old French deriere, in back of, from Vulgar Latin *dē retrō : Latin , from, of; see de- + Latin retrō, back; see retro-.]


(ˌdɛrɪˈɛə; French dɛrjɛr)
euphemistic the buttocks
[C18: literally: behind (prep), from Old French deriere, from Latin dē retrō from the back]


or der•ri•ere

(ˌdɛr iˈɛər)

the buttocks; rump.
[1765–75; < French]
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Noun1.derriere - the fleshy part of the human body that you sit onderriere - the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on; "he deserves a good kick in the butt"; "are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"
body part - any part of an organism such as an organ or extremity
torso, trunk, body - the body excluding the head and neck and limbs; "they moved their arms and legs and bodies"


The part of one's back on which one rests in sitting:
buttock (used in plural), posterior, rump, seat.
Informal: backside, behind, bottom, rear.
Slang: bun (used in plural), fanny, tush.
Chiefly British: bum.
References in classic literature ?
Par derriere chez ma tante, Il y a un bois joli, Et le rossignol y chante Et le jour et la nuit.
Preparing for her first new single in two years, the 41-year-old showed off her famous derriere in a scantily clad outfit as she writhes around with halfnaked men and women.
Marks has been in excruciating pain after somehow developing an ingrowing hair in his derriere.
Sugababes singer Keisha Buchanan called on Britain to end its national obsession with the Minogue derriere, saying it was "no big deal".
Le ministre de la Defense a affirme que l'armee avait [beaucoup moins que]des indications precises concernant les parties derriere ces personnes, leur appartenance et leur nationalite[beaucoup plus grand que].
The 30-year-old newlywed Kim, showed off her famous derriere in a black and white lace set while gazing seductively at the camera.
An official added: "He advanced on the pilot with his hand raised, threatening to kick the pilot's derriere.
The phrase, which the makers translate as ``kiss my derriere,'' has their mother's approval.
It should be placed immediately in a position, such as sur le cou-de-pied derriere or passe.
Chabi, Ras el Mel, qui malgre qu'il alterne les bonnes et mauvaises sorties, ne devrait pas rencontrer de grandes difficultes pour mettre tous les concurrents derriere lui car il aura l'avantage d'affronter un lot a son entiere convenance ce qui plaide largement en sa faveur pour qu'il accede a la plus haute marche du podium surtout qu'il beneficie d'un tres bel engagement dans cette epreuve phare de la journee oE il constituera, a mon humble avis, le cheval de base de l'epreuve qui nous interesse et qui stipule: pour chevaux de 3ans et plus Arabe Nes et Eleves en Algerie n'ayant pas totalise la somme de 101.
Mardi, regime et rebellion se sont mutuellement accuses d'etre derriere des bombardements sur l'universite d'Alep, qui ont coute la vie a 87 personnes selon l'Observatoire des droits de l'Homme (OSDH).
The 'Black Swan' actress refused to show her derriere but did agree to star nude opposite Justin Timberlake, showing off a little "side boob" and no bum.