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 (dē-sā′krə-līz′, -săk′rə-)
tr.v. de·sa·cral·ized, de·sa·cral·iz·ing, de·sa·cral·iz·es
To divest of sacred or religious significance.


(diːˈsækrəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to render less sacred; to secularize


(diˈseɪ krəˌlaɪz, -ˈsæk rə-)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to remove the sacredness from; secularize.
de•sa`cral•i•za′tion, n.
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Verb1.desacralize - transfer from ecclesiastical to civil possession, use, or control
transfer - cause to change ownership; "I transferred my stock holdings to my children"
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By calling Jesus the Son of God, Peter had desacralized the Roman Empire's claims about the divinity of Caesar and the validity of his rule.
His search for replacements to fill the former practical role of religious commitment repeatedly returns to desacralized versions of religious notions like atonement, salvation, transfiguration, redemption" (Anderson, 2009:227).
Yet the prosaic character of desacralized modern knowledge, as well as banal admissions of all-too-human disabilities and insufficiencies, begin to take on a pathetic coloration.
MetkaZupancic's significant contribution, "Kristeva's The Samurai: "Camouflage of sacredness in a desacralized world"", explores Kristeva's novel Les Samurais (1990) and her ironic critique of mythical patterns or ideologies.
Such a perception of nature--as having a peculiar splendour--is, according to Mircea Eliade, an echo of a religious attitude to nature in a desacralized world, an unclear feeling which is difficult to elucidate, and in which one can discern the memory of a degraded religious experience: "Experience of a radically desacralized nature is a recent discovery; moreover, it is an experience accessible only to a minority in modern societies, especially to scientists.
Because Earth-Mother was one of the gods of nature to be annihilated, the earth itself became desacralized.
According to Henry, Korean nationalists condemned the desacralized use of palace grounds, the exploitive representation of Korea, Japanese economic dominance, and imperial neglect of Korean welfare.
McLuhan, she says classifies Eliade's desacralized man as literate man even more unequivocally.
At the same time, he argues that myths "recycled" by fantasy can be desacralized (separated from the sphere of sacred beliefs to which they frequently belong), distorted, and wrongly interpreted.
mockery and will see her royal image desacralized by the base
For him, the aftermath of this loss resonates profoundly in today's desacralized world where there can be no more meta-narratives, only an abject belief in the "myth of material progress.
He begins by examining two sets of the truth, and the truth of each truth, then turns to Auerbach's mimesis, Simone Weil between Homer and Christ, truth from Virgil to the modern era, fiction desacralized, and finally, the real reason for Don Quixote's madness.