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As a result, political-military engagement with those governments is needed for DESC petroleum regional acquisitions and for services (distribution) contracts in support of CENTCOM requirements.
En consecuencia de lo anterior, los organismos internacionales se han visto en la tarea de implementar el respeto y cumplimiento de los DESC que a traves de la historia han sido considerados como unos derechos de menor valor, como derechos progresivos, en los cuales su obligatoriedad depende de los medios economicos que el Estado desee destinar para dicha mision.
Rather than using weighted averages for the development of DESC JP-8 prices, we gleaned location-specific pricing baselines from contract data.
DESC, a unit of the Defense Logistics Agency, purchases and manages energy supplies for the U.
This week's awards follow the announcement by DESC in June that AFH Fuels Services won three European fuel-management storage contracts worth $7.
Al Blooshi, Director of Research and Innovation at DESC said, "We are proud of our partnership with the UoS and looking forward to more rewarding collaborations in future.
The DESC initiative for the competition highlights Dubai
In the agreement, Smart Dubai and DESC pledge to collaborate and exchange administrative and technical know-how, in addition to harmonising their efforts to achieve Smart Dubais goals and objectives, and to outline common ICT-based smart policies, strategies and initiatives.
Por tanto, la relacion del derecho constitucional con los DESC no es nueva, y aunque estos derechos no tienen como origen el derecho internacional, este ultimo influenciara irremediablemente en el ambito constitucional.
Led by powerful centre Parth Aidasani, DESC took an early lead and were never threatened by a Jess team who are appearing in their third straight tournament but were missing several key players.
C[pounds sterling]Agility is committed to providing global support to the Defense Logistics Agency and the DESC.