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tr.v. de·scribed, de·scrib·ing, de·scribes
1. To give an account of in speech or writing: describe a sea voyage.
2. To convey an idea or impression of; characterize: She described her childhood as a time of wonder and discovery.
3. To represent pictorially; depict: Goya's etchings describe the horrors of war in grotesque detail.
4. To trace the form or outline of: describe a circle with a compass.

[Middle English describen, from Latin dēscrībere, to write down : dē-, de- + scrībere, to write; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

de·scrib′a·ble adj.
de·scrib′er n.
Synonyms: describe, narrate, recite, recount, relate, report
These verbs mean to tell the facts, details, or particulars of something in speech or in writing: described the accident; narrated their travel experiences; an explorer reciting her adventures; a mercenary recounting his exploits; related the day's events; reported what she had seen.
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His dramatic power, also, at its best, is superb; in his great scenes and crises he is masterly as narrator and describer.
These photos automatically synchronize with YuniquePLM and can be tagged with describer keywords, such as color, product type or material.
Subjective or qualitative judgments or comment get in the way--they constitute an interpretation on the part of the describer and are unnecessary and unwanted .
The AI for each film was written by the second author, a professional audio describer, in collaboration with the first author and an advisor who was a film enthusiast with low vision.
It describes the elements of the best sentences and offers activities and assignments for building them using sentence tools (the identifier, the elaborator, the describer, and the combo); punctuation; and paragraph techniques (unscrambling, imitating, and assembling paragraphs, and expanding paragraphs of other authors).
Similarly, knowing the difference between a describer and a classifier (a classifier cannot be intensified) also helps with ordering.
Scripted by the describer, Horatio's introduction answers both questions, since he is a storyteller who is recounting events.
Nasdaq: HRMN), has been awarded a contract to replace the train describer for Railtrack's Victoria Signaling Centre at Clapham Junction.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- "Descriptive" TheatreVision technology brings "George Wallace" to the "audio/video screen" through description, a technique devised to help the nation's 10-31 million visually impaired people "see" television through the eyes of a describer.
He trained as a describer via a program under the auspices of the Bay State Council for the Blind with Wheelock Family Theatre.
As a consequence, AD relies heavily on the skills of a particular audio describer and his or her ability to translate the visual images into words adequately.
Two British Sign Language interpreters and an audio describer will be available to offer free guided tours on the night.