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Noun1.descriptive grammar - a grammar that is produced by descriptive linguistics
linguistics - the scientific study of language
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
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She presents a descriptive grammar of Kurt|p in a functional/typological framework, contributing to Tibeto-Burman historical linguistics when possible.
That said, Huehnergard does assume of his readers a fair amount of background, particularly in Biblical Hebrew descriptive grammar (realistically, at least two years at the university/seminary level), and to some extent in historical and comparative grammar as well (though a motivated student can probably manage to absorb the necessary concepts along the way).
First place: Linda Konnerth on "A Descriptive Grammar of Karbi"
The most notable of the competing guides was a descriptive grammar by theologian and chemist Joseph Priestley (17331804).
They cover the historical and descriptive grammar of Persian, Middle Persian, non-standard New Persian, literary New Persian, and dialectology.
This thesis is a descriptive grammar based on thirty-one texts of Kadorih, a dialect of Ot Danum which is an Austronesian language spoken in the upper reaches of Kahayan River in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.
This is an academic descriptive grammar and not a cultural content-driven grammar.
They explore the interpersonal/ representational and semantic/pragmatic distinctions from various perspectives, focusing on different areas of descriptive grammar.
This groundbreaking study of register variation in Scottish Gaelic (ScG) consists of two texts: the title work (196 pages with appendices, bibliography and index to both works), which is based on the author's 2002 University of Edinburgh PhD dissertation and A Descriptive Grammar of Scottish Gaelic (Appendix 1, 89 pages), which is a version of the volume on Scottish Gaelic published by the author in 2002 in the Lincom Europa Languages of the World/Materials Series.
Important innovations in applied linguistics which describe authentic language use and form-function mapping include descriptive grammar, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.
The following are appended: (1) Descriptive Grammar Activity; (2) Pragmatics Activities; (3) Discourse Analysis Activities; and (4) Multicultural Literature Activities.
Wiedemann claimed in the preface of his Estonian grammar that his aim was to compile a descriptive grammar that described the language as it was actually used at his time (Wiedemann 1875 : I).

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