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Noun1.deservingness - the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance); "there were many children whose deservingness he recognized and rewarded"
worthiness - the quality or state of having merit or value
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123) Law school admissions officers are working with a "mental model" of merit and deservingness that evaluates students based on criteria that were questionable from the start.
In the United States, suffrage is equated to citizenship and citizenship defines membership, decision-making authority, and deservingness.
This is driven by people's sense of deservingness," says study coauthor Rebecca Reczek.
34) Sarah Willen, "Migration, 'Illegality,' and Health: Mapping Embodied Vulnerability and Debating HealthRelated Deservingness," Social Science and Medicine 74 (2012): 806.
Consumer psychologist Lisa Cavanaugh, assistant professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, found that reminding consumers of relationships they don't have reduces their perceptions of deservingness and triggers them to restrict their own indulgent consumption, which means they spend less money, choose lower-end brands of products and opt for lower-calorie foods.
Among the topics are European integration and fears about job losses, the relative deservingness of the unemployed in the eyes of the European public, conventional and unconventional political participation, religious vitality and church attendance in Europe, whether public good morality in Europe is an impact of communist rule, and whether country-level trust is associated with self-assessed health in Europe.
It is necessary to tell some story about deservingness or about the danger of exploitation that makes the proposed regulation fit into one of these natural categories.
These differences in norms provide an opportunity to reduce this heterogeneity which may be correlated with racial lines but can be addressed through policies such as welfare reform and work-fare programs which alter the extent to which these individuals are viewed as minorities in terms of their deservingness to public goods.
It could shape how policy makers, non-Black people, and Black people themselves view the values of Black Americans, Black Americans' deservingness of social services, and the racially relative blameworthiness of Black Americans.
Why pride displays elicit support from majority group members: The mediational role of perceived deservingness.
However, deservingness was now more directly related to paid work, with a new eligibility distinction being drawn between caring situations that excused carets from the obligation to engage in paid work (by 'severely' restricting their ability to do so), and those that did not.
Moreover, since the matter of someone's deserving something is often taken to be grounded in facts about the person or thing in question (rather than, say, consequentialist considerations), circumstantial features like the billionaire's offer or the demon's threat similarly will not affect deservingness.