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 (dĕs′ə-bēl′, -bē′)
Variant of dishabille.


(ˌdeɪzæˈbiːl) or


1. (Clothing & Fashion) the state of being partly or carelessly dressed
2. (Clothing & Fashion) archaic clothes worn in such a state
[C17: from French déshabillé undressed, from dés- dis-1 + habiller to dress; see habiliment]


(ˌdɪs əˈbil, -ˈbi)

also deshabille

1. the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.
2. Archaic. a loose morning dress; negligee.
3. a disorderly or disorganized state of mind or way of thinking.
[1665–75; < French déshabillé, n. use of past participle of déshabiller to undress =dés- dis-1 + habiller to dress; see habiliment]
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Noun1.deshabille - the state of being carelessly or partially dressed
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
shirtsleeves - not wearing a jacket; "in your shirtsleeves" means you are not wearing anything over your shirt; "in hot weather they dined in their shirtsleeves"


[ˌdezəˈbiːl] Ndesabillé m
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A stately age--to us, perhaps, in the company of the historic muse, seeming even more stately than it actually was--it is pleasant to find it, as we do now and again on these pages, in graceful deshabille.
On the police interfering, the young woman threw back the shawl, and all recognized Millionaire Todd's daughter, who had just come from the Slum Freak Dinner at the Pond, where all the choicest guests were in a similar deshabille.
The 40x40 foot cell corraled about 50 young men in different states of deshabille.
Il y aura forcement des mecontents, surtout lorsque l'on deshabille Pierre pour habiller Paul.
Les deux jeunes, saisis de peur, ont tente de l'amener vers une exploitation agricole proche oo, profitant d'une culbute du terroriste, l'ont ceinture avant de ligoter et appeler les riverains au secours, lesquels l'ont enchaine et deshabille, doutant qu'il porte une ceinture explosive, jusqu'a l'arrivee des unites de la Garde nationale et de groupes de citoyens.
The 'MS Dhoni: An Untold Story' star took centre stage for Ritu Kumar whose theme for the season 'Sweet Surrender' was inspired by 18th century French marquise fashion juxtaposed with a deliberate deshabille look of the 80s with soft pastel colour tones & bold, tropical prints.
Il faut aussi noter que le passage de la photographie du corps partiellement deshabille (en maillots de bain, en sous-vetements) au corps nu fut graduel.
Ou alors, au contraire, l'isolement dans une cellule glacee et humide ou l'on m'a jete apres m'avoir entierement deshabille.
Forgetting their morning deshabille and general untidiness, they rushed breathless with excitement to meet the regiment, and listened greedily to the band playing the march.
Posters for The National Gallery's current Veronese show zoom in on Mary Magdalene's exquisite face, and the fantastically coiffed, deshabille ladies of Paris Bordone's Two Women, a Cupid and a Soldier publicised the highly successful 'Houghton Revisited'.
Des que le baigneur se deshabille, [beaucoup moins que]El Kyass[beaucoup plus grand que] place autour de sa taille[beaucoup moins que]une Fouta[beaucoup plus grand que].
Kaufmann estime que, pendant le XXeme siecle, le corps est deshabille et etale toujours davantage, mais des nouvelles formes sociales interviennent a limiter cette liberte apparente.