designated hitter

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designated hitter

n. Abbr. DH Baseball
A player designated at the start of a game to bat instead of the pitcher in the lineup.

des′ignated hit′ter

a player on a baseball team, selected prior to the game, who substitutes for the pitcher at bat but does not take the field defensively. Abbr.: DH, dh
[1970–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.designated hitter - a ballplayer who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher
batsman, batter, hitter, slugger - (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting
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That risk paid off when the market became glutted with free-agent designated hitters and first basemen.
In the whole 20-year period it has existed, can you think of any designated hitters who could unambiguously be classified as all stars?
136 (9 for 66) with one homer and two RBI in 16 games, Hill joined Canseco as the latest on an ever-growing list of has-been Angels designated hitters.
In an era in which many top college pitchers give way to designated hitters, Haren hits for himself when starting and is Pepperdine's full-time DH.
Going into Friday's game, Angels designated hitters were hitting a combined .
Rick Southall, Harvey Hargrove and Kuzmic are the designated hitters.
The DH rule, which the American League adopted in 1973, stands little chance of being scrapped, but designated hitters could be scrambling for places to play under most realignment plans - even though the owners tried in a three-day meeting at Atlanta last week to get a plan approved and ended up postponing it to Oct.
The AL began using designated hitters to bat in place of pitchers in 1973.
Otherwise, the Angels' Opening Day leadoff hitters through history have been eight center fielders, seven left fielders, seven second basemen, four third basemen, three right fielders, three designated hitters and one shortstop - Rick Burleson in '82.
The team consisted of pitchers Greg Trumbo, Daniel Womack, Paul Dilger and Mike Sanders; infielders Bryan Meek, Dylan Leslie, Billy Rowles and Matt Castro; outfielders Trevor Klein, Jesse Rivas, Blaine McKnight and Charles Blechen; and designated hitters Brandon Zeek and Aaron Reyes.
Last season the average salary for 10 regular designated hitters was $3,458,573, second in the American League only to the average pay for first basemen of $3,570,603.
Winfield played 23 years, the majority of them in the American League, in the kingdom of the designated hitter, where he and others like him ruled.

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