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Having or expressing desire; desiring: Both sides were desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem.

de·sir′ous·ly adv.
de·sir′ous·ness n.
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Astor, of grasping with his individual hand this great enterprise, which for years had been dubiously yet desirously contemplated by powerful associations and maternal governments.
We have made some progress, but not good enough to situate us on the pedestal we so desirously crave for.
In Fergus's burgeoning relationship with Dil, The Crying Game thus conveys a sense that Fergus seeks to desirously "get back" to Jody, while simultaneously, he also vicariously lives as Jody, an attempt to perform, or embody, Jody's self.
He said that document of President Al-Bashir will be studied and dealt with desirously by the institutions of the Democratic Unionist Party (the Origin) for achieving national accord all over Sudan.