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Noun1.desk phone - a telephone set that sits on a desk or tabledesk phone - a telephone set that sits on a desk or table
phone, telephone, telephone set - electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
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It no longer shows the individual name or desk phone number of the DHS staff person.
Our Photo Buttons Amplified Desk Phone has a ringer that is 5 times louder and the receiver volume can be up to 20 times louder than normal phones The phone can store up to six of your favourite contacts so you don't have to remember lengthy numbers.
Business-grade Panasonic phones are included with the cost of the service, and customers can select from cordless and desk phone options.
For Tango Networks, the Unify certification adds to the vast list of PBX and UC platforms for which its mobile UC solution operates, making users more productive by freeing them from their desks, and in most cases eliminating desk phone costs.
To address BYOD, Cisco announced the introduction of Intelligent Proximity, which will enable employees to link their mobile phones with their desk phones, giving the ability to switch calls already in progress, export contacts and call history from their mobiles onto their desk phone.
Given that, all those involved in the discussion agreed that for some business roles, it is clearly now possible to work in a Lync-client and headset-only mode, freeing up desk space that would otherwise be consumed by a desk phone.
One of the major changes to look forward to is that in less than a decade, the use of newer tools called "collaborative technologies" will be far more common and consequently replace the old-fashioned desk phone, printer or meeting room.
By interworking with Polycom's VVX1500 business media phone, video, HD voice and integrated applications can now be incorporated on this colour touch-screen desk phone.
This means their mobile phone acts like a desk phone, offering the same functionality and convenience as a desk phone for inbound and outbound calls.
Aastra, a leading company at the forefront of the enterprise communication market, resets the standard for premium IP phones with the launch of the Aastra 6739i, its most advanced desk phone to date.
lt;p>Once in the meeting room, the remote employee could be notified of resources in the room such as an IP desk phone and video screen and then use those to continue the meeting, controlling the whole process via the smartphone.
The solution allows users to set special call-handling rules based on GPS location or time of day, and switch from a mobile device to a desk phone in mid-call with the push of a button.