desk sergeant

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Noun1.desk sergeant - the police sergeant on duty in a police station
police sergeant, sergeant - a lawman with the rank of sergeant
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When the cigar store is raided, he winks at the officer, familiar with his ground, and walks away immune, while you and I search among the Presidents for names, and among the stars for addresses to give the desk sergeant.
The priest, Father Ross, didn't believe Corrigan's story and, on leaving the property, went to the Chisenhale Street Bridewell, telling the desk sergeant of his suspicions.
BOB GOES TO WAR Eric Richard, who played desk sergeant Bob Cryer for 20 years, has a part in this summer's blockbuster hit movie Dunkirk.
Desk Sergeant Samuel Drummond (Matthew Lewis) - His relationship with Reid's daughter, Mathilda, is cause for much amusement amongst his colleagues.
Interestingly, the murder victim was actually brought into the District last year but Desk Sergeant Platt doesn't remember her.
The immediate benefit has been to pass ownership of the law enforcement shift from the desk sergeant to the patrol supervisor, which has improved the performance of the patrols in every aspect.
I spoke to the desk sergeant, who asked ' why do you want this done?
He flung open the door, charged over to the desk sergeant.
The disarray bothered her trained painter's eye and Scandinavian sense of order, and when she made an impromptu offer to organize things, the desk sergeant replied, "Knock yourself out.
These scenes were filmed at a working men's club in Bearwood, on the outskirts of Birmingham, dressed to look like a glamorous jazz club James Barriscale plays new desk sergeant John Swift.