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a. desmoplásico-a, causante de adherencias.
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The growth was noted to be forming cords and islets within the desmoplastic stroma, with hyperchromic, large nuclei and prominent nucleoli.
Andrew Phillips was diagnosed with the aggressive cancer Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor - which claims the life of just one person in Great Britain each year - twelve months ago.
13) In addition, desmoplastic changes or concomitant in situ carcinomas are not seen in breast MM, in contrast to most primary breast carcinomas.
The neoplastic glands evoked a desmoplastic response within the stroma, which also exhibited a moderate mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate (Fig 1, a and b).
Manousakis contracted intra-abdominal desmoplastic round cell tumor, which is a rare cancer effecting 200 patients all over the world and is a deadly disease and a type of pancreatic cancer.
Microscopic examination findings of the pancreas can be very difficult to interpret owing to extensive desmoplastic fibrosis associated with neoplasia, acute and chronic pancreatitis, and tissue necrosis.
6] Allograft nephrectomy (AN) in this late setting is associated with surgical hazards owing to the development of desmoplastic reaction around the graft.
In the past, aggressive fibromatosis has been known as juvenile fibromatosis, desmoplastic fibromatosis, extra-abdominal desmoid, and congenital fibrosarcoma.
1) Carcinoids are mainly found in the terminal ileum and show desmoplastic reaction, while carcinomas seem to show local infiltration and visceral obstruction, especially if large.
10) According to the International Society of Urological Pathology (ISUP) conference on renal neoplasia in Vancouver in 2013, CDC should include at least some of the lesions from the medullary region, have a predominant formation of tubules, have a desmoplastic stromal reaction, have high-grade cytologic features, have infiltrative growth patterns, have no other typical RCC subtypes or urothelial carcinoma.
Assistant coroner Thomas Atherton recorded a medical cause of death of desmoplastic mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure and a conclusion of industrial disease.
Excessive fibrosis between the pericardium and liver suggested a desmoplastic response.