desperate measure

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Noun1.desperate measure - desperate actions taken as a means to an end; "he had to resort to desperate measures"
means, way, agency - how a result is obtained or an end is achieved; "a means of control"; "an example is the best agency of instruction"; "the true way to success"
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It may cause him to be more cautious, or it may drive him to desperate measures at once.
I am guessing that, as a last desperate measure, the Russians have been forced to use a gas that hasn't even been through trials.
A source at the National Offending Management Service said: "The Prison Service realises this could be interpreted as a desperate measure, but something must be done to ease the current crisis.
It is the latest desperate measure in the rush to own one of the 6-1/2-inch-tall interactive - and apparently irresistible - toys.
The lawsuit is a predictable and desperate measure by a management that refuses to address straighforwardly a very powerful and attractive offer we have made to Pennzoil shareholders.
Votaw doesn't want people to think his plan is a desperate measure to replicate the success of the men's tour.
The man, aged 19 to 20 years old, took the desperate measure to get into Spon End's Irish Centre 2000 at 12.
Goodson, who was raised in Illinois, said she looks back with appreciation on Operation Baby Lift, calling it ``a desperate measure to save a bunch of lives.
He added: "It's a really desperate measure ( it is irrelevant for me.
According to a copy of the report seen by the Sunday Mirror, Somalian refugees - one of the largest groups of illegal immigrants into Britain - top the list for taking the desperate measure.
The Belfast-born star admitted it was a desperate measure to turn to Hill for help, linking up with the man who was coach and mentor to Ronnie O'Sullivan when the Rocket won the world crown in 2001.
If this is the kind of desperate measure that supporters of the tram scheme are having to resort to, in a bid to bridge the funding gap, it would be better if the project was scrapped altogether