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tr.v. de·spoiled, de·spoil·ing, de·spoils
1. To deprive of something valuable, especially by force; rob: The invaders despoiled the town of its art treasures. He was despoiled of his inheritance by crooked lawyers.
2. To ruin, especially by destroying or removing what is valuable: "a landscape that had been raped and despoiled by coal mining" (George Black).

[Middle English despoilen, from Old French despoillier, from Latin dēspoliāre : dē-, de- + spoliāre, to plunder (from spolium, booty).]

de·spoil′er n.
de·spoil′ment n.


plundering by force
References in classic literature ?
A cold stormy rain set in, and nothing of July appeared but in the trees and shrubs, which the wind was despoiling, and the length of the day, which only made such cruel sights the longer visible.
In spite of every kind of discouragement, and even of the special court of taxations already mentioned, called the Jews' Exchequer, erected for the very purpose of despoiling and distressing them, the Jews increased, multiplied, and accumulated huge sums, which they transferred from one hand to another by means of bills of exchange an invention for which commerce is said to be indebted to them, and which enabled them to transfer their wealth from land to land, that when threatened with oppression in one country, their treasure might be secured in another.
He had ridden far that night, and fast, for he had but come from the despoiling of the incubator of a neighbouring green horde with which the hordes of Torquas were perpetually warring.
A shower of snow fell upon them, and, finding the Olive full of foliage, it settled upon its branches and broke them down with its weight, at once despoiling it of its beauty and killing the tree.
Does not the practice of despoiling an enemy afford an excuse for not facing the battle?
With the overfishing and despoiling of our oceans, it's nice to have some good news: Orgon Pink Shrimp Fishery was recently certified as the world's first sustainable shrimp fishery.
Dionysius the Areopagite and the Neoplatonist tradition; despoiling the Hellenes.
Mr Chapman is entirely correct in highlighting the road safety aspect of drivers being distracted whilst driving at high speeds and the despoiling effect that these boards have on the countryside.
The main driving forces behind the despoiling of our planet stem from human failings--apathy, greed and materialism.
So instead I brealffast at the Tokyo Lunch Box, where I do my share in the despoiling of the ocean's dwindling bounty with tuna and salmon sushi.
The bulk of the book has received only slight, cosmetic improvements, but Queller and his new co-author Madden have reworked the last two chapters on the conquest of Constantinople and have also added a final chapter which examines the despoiling of the city.