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v. t.1.variant spelling of desiccate.
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Tenders are invited for Cautery Machine Bipolar Model : Gem 400-400 W, Micro Computer Controlled Electrosurgical Unit, Microcontroller Based, Feather Touch System, Digital Pure Cut : 400 W, Blend1 : 250 W, Blend2 : 200 W, Spay : 120 W, Fulgurate : 150 W, Dessicate : 80 W, Bipolar Micro Coag : 80 W, Operating Frequency : 500 Khz, Isolated Rf Out Put Auto Compensation Net Work, One Additional Hand Pies Cord .
Branchinecta has a 7-day developmental period (Belt, 1991); and the larvae of Dasyhelia probably dessicate each time the pools are dry, and revive when they fill again with water (Tribbey, personal communication).
If, for example, all I know about a pressure ulcer is the stage, and I base my treatment decision to use an alginate on that information alone, I could possibly dessicate the wound bed by dehydrating it if there is no drainage.