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Noun1.desynchronisation - the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times; "the stimulus produced a desynchronizing of the brain waves"
temporal relation - a relation involving time
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Improved the desynchronisation detection in Multiplayer Campaign mode, and players are now given a popup message when a desynchronisation has occurred, with the options to resynchronise the game to continue, or quit the game.
All cyclists experienced increased sleep latencies compared to baseline levels, consistent with the effects of a desynchronisation between endogenous circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycles (Liu et al.
Using a rat model of the disease, the team's recordings showed desynchronisation of the waves of activity, which normally travel from the front to the back of the brain during deep sleep.
Autrement dit, cette recrudescence de l'empire de l'ephemere et de sa desynchronisation causee par un laissez-faire ehonte requiert donc l'imperatif categorique de resister devant la banalisation et le scandale du mal, en depit de (Revault d'Allonnes, 1994 ; Ricoeur, 2005).
L'importance du traitement du son est evidemment capitale : Glawogger ne le reprend pas sous l'angle de la desynchronisation, mais plutot comme entremelement, intrication des rythmes et des sonorites propres a etablir une complicite ancestrale de la musique avec le travail manuel, et des correlations entre les cinq visions du travail, entre des gens, des lieux differents, sorte d'invariants qui reorientent notre monde (7).
The ostensible desynchronisation of the footage could very well be a device used to hide the fact that a statement has been ascribed to Omega that he did not make in this interview.
The Synchronisation and Desynchronisation of the Present and the Past in Soviet and Post-Soviet Spaces", in Milerius, N.
The alternative suspension of action and dialogue that the intertitles of silent film brought in was not, therefore, a process of word/image desynchronisation entirely foreign to the nineteenth-century stage, nor even to Shakespearean performance.
The closing of the registers leads to a desynchronisation of transactions and their registration.
There may be desynchronisation of speech sounds with the movement of the mouth.
For instance, it has been shown that the stimulation of the amygdala results in desynchronisation of the cortical EEG in the rabbit (Kapp et al.
Selon Galland (2004), cette transformation comporterait trois traits majeurs : un retard de plus en plus marque de l'age du franchissement des principales etapes permettant d'acceder au statut d'adulte; une desynchronisation de ses differents seuils et une homogeneisation selon le genre (Galland 2004).