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1. Separated; disconnected: a detached part; a detached plug.
2. Standing apart from others; separate: a house with a detached garage.
3. Marked by an absence of emotional involvement or personal interest; aloof or unbiased.

de·tach′ed·ly (-tăch′ĭd-lē, -tăcht′lē) adv.
de·tach′ed·ness n.


the quality of being detached or separated
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Fagan also considers the ways in which filtered reality fuels empathetic detachedness, where mass media and surveillance tactics have penetrated the home, in a society immersed in observation and image.
I use the comparison of the circle and the Mobius strip, as well as some of Madame Bovary's lessons in spatial-metaphoric realism and familiarity, to frame that apparent detachedness.
Female private places (that is, back yards and natural environments) share a common aspect, which is their detachedness from transparent built environment.