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top: a painting of the Chateau of Chillon by William Baptiste Baird (1847-1899?)
bottom:a detail of the same painting
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 (dĭ-tāl′, dē′tāl′)
1. An individual part or item; a particular: discussed the details of the proposal.
2. Particulars considered individually and in relation to a whole: careful attention to detail.
3. A minor or an inconsequential item or aspect; a minutia: skipped the details to get to the main point.
4. A minute or thorough treatment or account: went into detail about his travels.
a. A discrete part or portion of a work, such as a painting, building, or decorative object, especially when considered in isolation.
b. A representation of such a part or portion: a detail of a Rembrandt portrait illustrating the technique of chiaroscuro.
a. A small elaborated element of a work of art, craft, or design.
b. Such elements considered together: the intricate detail of a rococo altarpiece.
c. The rendering of artistic detail: the fine detail of the painter's brushwork.
a. A group of military personnel assigned to a particular duty, usually a fatigue duty.
b. The duty assigned: garbage detail.
tr.v. (dĭ-tāl′) de·tailed, de·tail·ing, de·tails
1. To report or relate explicitly or in particulars: detailed the charges against the defendant.
2. To provide with artistic or decorative detail: detailed the quilt with colorful appliqué.
3. To assign to a particular duty: "The musicians and other non-combatants were detailed to carry the stretchers" (Peter Cozzens).
4. To clean (a car interior, for example) meticulously.
5. To market to (a physician) the drugs sold by one's company,
in detail
With attention to particulars; thoroughly or meticulously: explained her proposal in detail.

[French détail, from Old French detail, a piece cut off, from detaillir, to cut up : de-, de- + tailler, taillier, to cut; see tailor.]

de·tail′er n.


1. a person who cares for (polishes, repaints, cleans, etc) cars
2. (General Engineering) (in the steel industry) a person who prepares detailed construction plans
3. (Marketing) (in marketing, particularly in pharmaceuticals) a person employed to inform potential customers in detail about the products available
4. (generally) a person who or a thing that produces detail; someone who details


(ˈdi teɪ lər)

a manufacturer's representative who calls on customers to supply information on and promote products, monitor sales, etc. Also called de′tail man`.
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These actions ensure that your detailer and career counselor have the most accurate and current data about your professional achievements and qualifications, as well as personnel information that may determine whether you obtain your desired job.
Such gifts are common, but if the detailer who brings lunch into the doctor's office every Tuesday knows that the doctor isn't prescribing the promoted drug, is he or she likely to pressure the doctor?
Sections that deal with areas such as deciding whether to accept an assignment when it is not what you initially wanted, keeping in contact with your detailer, duty in Washington, getting along with seniors, and dealing with your contemporaries are filled with nuggets that go a long way in helping you deal with your service experience.
I don't want to know the intimate details of the latest thing pulled by your boyfriend, trainer, gardener, neighbor, car detailer or stock broker.
The intervention group received 3-4 visits from an academic detailer over the course of 18 months.
6) LOI cancellation message will be generated and sent to the members' detaching command in the event the detailer deletes the overseas PROP.
Detailer is a sub-tenant; new owner could take over operation and add revenues.
We believe that our flagship product will revolutionize the quick detailer category.
In addition, the primary officer and enlisted distribution systems are automatically updated informing the detailer of completion of screening.
Retirement is obviously a concern, but I have a lot of faith in my ability to build my business,'' said Gaitan, who owns auto detailer ChipsAway in Redlands.
For example, working on a manufacturer's behalf and in concert with each retailer, a detailer might visit a store to ensure that the vendor's product receives correct positioning, point-of-purchase materials are in place, and the product and its display support are clean, functioning and replenished.