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tr.v. de·tained, de·tain·ing, de·tains
1. To keep from proceeding; delay or retard: Our friends were detained by heavy traffic.
2. To keep in custody or confinement: The police detained several suspects for questioning.
3. Archaic To retain or withhold (payment or property, for example).

[Middle English deteinen, from Old French detenir, from Vulgar Latin *dētenīre, from Latin dētinēre : dē-, de- + tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

de·tain′ment n.
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Noun1.detainment - a state of being confined (usually for a short time)detainment - a state of being confined (usually for a short time); "his detention was politically motivated"; "the prisoner is on hold"; "he is in the custody of police"
confinement - the state of being confined; "he was held in confinement"


The condition or fact of being made late or slow:
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The teams of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) were also present at the airport at the time of the detainment.
A team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was also present at the airport at the time of the detainment.
Police arrested six people, among them a Ugandan, over the illegal detainment.
Summary: Kanpur [Uttar Pradesh] [India], Feb 20 (ANI): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) here on Tuesday negated the reports of detainment of Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd.
The Republic of Macedonia has signed this universal Declaration since 1997 but unfortunately in the last ten years not only does not respect it, but also made flagrant violations, trampling on the citizen's rights and preparing various rigged processes such as Sopot, Kumanovo, Brodec, Monstrum, detainment of the fighters from NLA and the last stunning example with Divo Naselje in Kumanovo", said Sinani.
Quetta -- Loralai police during a search operation recovered 33 kilograms chars from a passenger coach along with detainment of four suspects including three females.
Ottos detainment and sentence was unnecessary and appalling, and North Korea should be universally condemned for its abhorrent behavior.
Meanwhile, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has condemned the detainment of the PSP leaders.
The corporation provided resources for visa and green card holders, immigrants and all other traveling employees who fear potential detainment in relation to the new federal restrictions, including the number of a company-wide "global travel and security team.
While detainment conveniences and personal practitioner businesses love the advantages of all these abnormal rates, extra weight is actually paid for to the degree by simply, as well as towards the detriment of, locked up people along with families.
After detaining them for 72 hours, the Specialised Criminal Court ruled on the detainment without bail of V.
Hunger strikes have become a high profile means by which Palestinians can peacefully resist their capture and arbitrary detainment by Israeli authorities.