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tr.v. de·tect·ed, de·tect·ing, de·tects
1. To discover or ascertain the existence, presence, or fact of.
2. To discern (something hidden or subtle): detected a note of sarcasm in the remark.
3. To learn something hidden and often improper about: detected the manager in a lie.
4. Electronics To demodulate.

[Middle English detecten, from Latin dētegere, dētēct-, to uncover : dē-, de- + tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]

de·tect′a·ble, de·tect′i·ble adj.
de·tect′er n.
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Noun1.detecting - a police investigation to determine the perpetratordetecting - a police investigation to determine the perpetrator; "detection is hard on the feet"
police investigation, police work - the investigation of criminal activities
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One such example is the angles with which a switch is capable of operating and subsequently detecting.
JPL developed the device based on research it had done to keep its spacecrafts sterile by detecting and neutralizing microbes in NASA spacecraft.
Identifying cases is facilitated if all throat swabs from patients with pharyngitis corynebacteria in England and Wales and estimated the possible consequences of not detecting a case.
A group led by Donna Mager, a microbiologist at the Forsyth Institute in Boston, recently announced a different strategy for detecting oral cancer: examining signature populations of bacteria in saliva.
Detecting is more than simply learning to beware the high-pressure salesman threatening to take away the "limited-time" deal or the Isolator who lures new people into his group by excluding and villifying others (the worst Isolators include drug pushers and cult leaders); it also includes ways to focus on communication problems, and know when to make overtures or when to recognize that an individual is simply too disturbed to deal with.
One method of detecting these faults is x-ray technology.
In January, the Education Ministry, which also handles technology issues, formed a study group to look into technology for detecting and removing antipersonnel landmines as part of Japan's support for Afghanistan's recovery process.
Any communication with a honeypot is suspect simply because the device is not used for any purpose other than detecting attacks.
Although the basic concept of monitors detecting emissions has not changed, the equipment has.
Does it cover the cost of detecting or treating a complication as a result of either the implant or the reconstruction?
Nor were these detectors capable of detecting most low explosives, such as black powder, flash powder, and chlorate/sugar mixtures, often used in pipe bombs or other improvised explosive devices.