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Noun1.detective novel - novel in which the reader is challenged to solve a puzzle before the detective explains it at the end
novel - an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
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The books he liked were queer; sometimes I would find him poring over the poems of Mallarme, and he read them as a child reads, forming the words with his lips, and I wondered what strange emotion he got from those subtle cadences and obscure phrases; and again I found him absorbed in the detective novels of Gaboriau.
That is confirmed yet again by the appearance of her latest book, Posljednje putovanje u Bec (The Last Journey to Vienna), which in its basic structure follows the genre of the detective novel.
Sandford has written another great Lucas Davenport detective novel.
The roman noir does not have a long tradition among Brazilian writers, despite the popular success enjoyed by such masters of the detective novel as Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Georges Simenon.
She begins to entertain her husband by, night after night, telling him a never-ending story, spiced with eroticism and with an element of the mystery of a detective novel.
In Der See (The Lake) he returns to the detective novel, a genre he has employed with great success in the past.
The work also shares with the hard-boiled detective novel of the 1940s a sense of social and political crisis.
Mumbo Jumbo is not the only example of a metaphysical detective novel that introduces the world of the supernatural into the human or material world of the detective.
Georgia's steady beau is a detective, and add to the mix the fact that Georgia has access to information about the crime because of her reporter job, and you've got the makings of a detective novel.
Thus, on deciding to write a detective novel, Dumas was well prepared for creating an important example of and contribution to the genre.
One of the most popular proponents of the so-called new Mexican detective novel, Taibo weaves together modem mysteries, tales of the city, that pit his humble, lonely detective against the forces of crime and corruption.
The first winner was the historical novel Louna by the Belgian-born Noel Lionel, and the second book to win was Norbert Spehner's history of the detective novel in French America, Le Roman policier en Amerique francaise, a valuable guide to anyone interested in the subject.