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The power or quality of cleansing.


(dɪˈtɜːdʒənsɪ) or


(Chemistry) cleansing power
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Noun1.detergency - detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power
usefulness, utility - the quality of being of practical use
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The product is designed for the automaker's engines and is claimed to provide a blend of high-quality synthetic base oil additives that offer an improvement to the normal engine oil in friction characteristics, engine detergency and thermo stability.
The Top Tier's enhanced gasoline detergency helps keep engines clean and ensure compliance with tighter vehicle emissions and engine durability requirements, concluded the company.
Notes: Fuel product should be linked to a quality control program from refinery to end user; no biodiesel added unless specifically requested; fuel should be winterized at terminal loading facility; must contain a modern diesel detergency package and lubricity enhancer that is researched and injected at the terminal rack, No splash blending permitted; product should be locally sourced, including the crude oil at refinery of origin; bill of lading will be provided at time of delivery with all information clearly stamped, including product, gallons, terminal origin, etc.
DRILL-TERGE: Liquid solution of nonionic surfactant formulated to increase detergency and wetting properties of drilling fluids.
Miller, Phase Behavior, Dynamic Contacting and Detergency in Systems Containing Triolein and Nonionic Surfactants, Prog.
The company strengthened its product offerings with new products in hand dishwashing and automatic dishwashing powders, which address features such as new scents, saving water and strong detergency.
Due to their excellent foaming, wetting, emulsifying, and detergency traits, bio-surfactants have emerged as the most versatile bio-process chemicals and are widely in various industries such as cosmetics, personal care, bioremediation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food processing.
Attributes/Comments: This water dispersible cationic silicone also contains a lipophile providing strong surface activity, good detergency and affinity to surfaces.
These different polar hydrophilic head and hydrocarbon tail moieties decrease surface and interfacial tension by accumulating at the interface between immiscible fluids such as water and oil, or air and water these properties resulted in detergency, foaming and emulsifying [2,7].
Its natural detergency is said to maintain cleaner chains, resulting in fewer operational problems.