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tr.v. de·terred, de·ter·ring, de·ters
1. To prevent or discourage from acting, as by means of fear or doubt: threats that did not deter her from speaking out; skin chemicals that deter predators.
2. To prevent or discourage (an action or behavior): installed surveillance cameras to deter vandalism.
3. To make less likely or prevent from happening: protocols to deter infection.

[Latin dēterrēre : dē-, de- + terrēre, to frighten.]

de·ter′ment n.
de·ter′ra·ble adj.
de·ter′rer n.
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Noun1.determent - a communication that makes you afraid to try something
discouragement - the expression of opposition and disapproval




nAbschreckung f(from von); (= means)Abschreckungsmittel nt
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Speaking at the NNPC Day at the ongoing 39th Kaduna International Trade Fair in Kaduna on Wednesday, the NNPC boss remarked that in spite of the security challenges experience in the basin, there would not be any determent in resuming to start oil exploration.
While this court is cognizant of the accused's entitlement to those remedies, it does not justify determent of this court's action to proceed with trial of the criminal case, there being no temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court," the five-page resolution read.
com)-- Predictive risk determent has long been the holy grail of hazardous industries solutions development.
For unlike the determent of hate speech bans on particular laws versus the damage of hate speech itself to systemic legitimacy, this expanded discussion presents commensurable claims.
Critique: An incredibly timely expose that will help to make sense out of today's political headlines and the Trump administrations alarming and otherwise bewildering support of Putin and seeming collaboration with Russia to the determent of America's European allies, "The Hypnotic Communist" is a compelling and informative read from beginning to end.
But that embarrassment also can lead to bullying or determent of psychosocial development, Ms.
For the attainment of these determent educational objectives different strategies are designed and launched in education systems.
Estimation of length of anterior urethral stricture is an important determent for the selection of most optimal surgical procedure.
The action will serve as a determent and discourage those elements involved in illegal price hike of drugs.
The action the spokesperson added will serve as a determent and discourage elements involved in illegal price hike of drugs.
This is a classic example of how ignorance of the "law of supply and demand" creates a determent to the community.