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1. Precisely limited or defined; definite: a determinate number; a determinate distance.
2. Conclusively settled; final.
3. Firm in purpose; resolute.
4. Botany
a. Terminating in a flower and blooming in a sequence beginning with the uppermost or central flower: a determinate inflorescence.
b. Not continuing indefinitely at the tip of an axis: determinate growth.

[Middle English, from Latin dēterminātus, past participle of dētermināre, to determine; see determine.]

de·ter′mi·nate·ly adv.
de·ter′mi·nate·ness n.
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Noun1.determinateness - the quality of being predictable with great confidence
conclusiveness, finality, decisiveness - the quality of being final or definitely settled; "the finality of death"
predictability - the quality of being predictable
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Yates; on the comic, Tom Bertram, not quite alone, because it was evident that Mary Crawford's wishes, though politely kept back, inclined the same way: but his determinateness and his power seemed to make allies unnecessary; and, independent of this great irreconcilable difference, they wanted a piece containing very few characters in the whole, but every character first-rate, and three principal women.
530, 545 (1999) (arguing that "there is a tendency for generality and determinateness to go together" in rule-based decisionmaking).
Job flexibility is a collection of temporal matters comprising the amount of hours, strict times, determinateness and capacity to organize one's own hours.
Previous epistemologies maintained that things are determinate, identical in themselves, and we have simply to represent their determinateness and identity properly.
61) They come from a world where there is no such thing as determinateness, where everything is mashed together, where one can like completely antithetical things and not think twice about doing so, where everything is what it is and the job is to learn it, hopefully quickly and painlessly, and move on.
116) It is only to say that the provision takes a form that, more than not, meets the generality and determinateness criteria for being a rule.
Rothschild notes the hesitancy of economists to move away from theory that provides the determinateness for market price found in the theory of competition and monopoly.
29) The body and soul together constitute the nature of human being and together comprise the quidditive determinateness of the human existent.
Determinateness must be spelled out in terms of the relation between formal and objective reality.
This power is identical with what we earlier called the Subject, which by giving determinateness an existence in its own element supersedes abstract immediacy, i.
Hegel argues that the idea of a world exhibiting definiteness or determinateness as mere (gleichgultige) difference, without exclusive (auschliessende) difference, is incoherent.
Reactions to resumes as a function of resume determinateness, applicant characteristics, and sex of raters.

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