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v. de·thatched, de·thatch·ing, de·thatch·es
To remove (dead grass) from a lawn, usually to aerate the soil.
To remove dead grass from a lawn.

de·thatch′er n.


vb (tr)
to remove dead grass from (a lawn)
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Medical supplies maker Boston Scientific issued a major recall after complaints that some units of its iCross Coronary Imaging Catheters dethatched inside of patients.
A lawn that is not regularly aerated and/or dethatched eventually resists water penetration due to compaction or thatch accumulation.
Small lawns can be dethatched using a steel rake to pull the matted layer away from the soil where it can be collected.
If your lawn needs to be dethatched, you can rent a vertical mower or hire a professional to do the job for you.
Areas that are prone to thatching may need to be dethatched once or even several times per year.
Like all subtropical grasses, however, kikuyu builds a mat of thatch and may go dormant in winter, during which time it turns brown - unless it is dethatched at the proper moment.
In the late summer or early fall the lawn will be dethatched with a verticutting machine.