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v. de·thatched, de·thatch·ing, de·thatch·es
To remove (dead grass) from a lawn, usually to aerate the soil.
To remove dead grass from a lawn.

de·thatch′er n.


vb (tr)
to remove dead grass from (a lawn)
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Limited Tenders are invited for Green Mower-56Cms, Collar/Apron/Tee Mower-61Cms, Bottom Blade Green Mower, Bottom Blade Collar Mower, Dethatcher Blade, Drag Mat 3 Ft X 6 Ft, Drag Mat 6 Ft X 6 Ft, Brush Cutter Hand Held Heavy Duty, Lawn Mower/Cutter, Coring Tines (Green) And Coring
At Action Rental, a dethatcher rents for $9/hour for a two-hour minimum, or $57 a day.
lawn condition, Nature's Magic plant and soil activator, Biological Dethatcher and added Mycorrhizae.
The Mantis Electric Tiller can be used with optional attachments such as a border edger, furrower, crevice cleaner, lawn aerator, lawn dethatcher and plow.
Future attachments planned include an air compressor, log splitter and chipper shredder in 2016, plus a power broom, generator, aerator and dethatcher in subsequent years.
Thatch interferes with the downward flow of fertilizer and water, depriving plant roots; thin it now, if you haven't already done so (use a dethatcher from a rental yard).
Plus, additional attachments can transform the tractor into a hauler, aerator, dethatcher, cultivator, sweeper or snow plow - giving you a tractor that handles your outdoor maintenance requirements year round.
This self-propelled unit serves as a power dethatcher, a lawn slicer, and grass slit seeder allowing professionals to restore damaged turf.
Since dethatching with this rake requires muscle power and perseverance, if you have a large lawn you might want to rent a power dethatcher (about $20 to $30 for 2 hours) instead.
Before seeding a large area, use a power rake or dethatcher (available at rental yards) to thin grass and remove thatch.
headquartered in Lee's Summit, Missouri, is a premier designer and manufacturer of outdoor property cleanup products including aerators, sod cutters, overseeders, dethatchers, brushcutters, walk-behind blowers, outdoor lawn and litter vacuums and debris loaders.