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1. Hinduism Any of a group of deities that are endowed with great power and in later tradition are considered to represent aspects of the Godhead.
2. Buddhism Any of large, heterogeneous group of supernatural beings, including the deities that guard the four cardinal points and other inhabitants of planes of existence transcending the world of humans. Devas are not immortal, although they may have lifespans lasting billions of years and be exempt from human ills such as hunger and pain.

[Sanskrit devaḥ; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Hinduism) (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a divine being or god
2. (Buddhism) (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a divine being or god
[C19: from Sanskrit: god]
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au , Professor Deva found that chronic infection around the implants could result in the activation of the immune system as well as lymphocytes.
His parents knew second grader Deva had an eye for details and a passion for animals when he started drawing and painting at the age of four.
Deva Premal: I feel our life is a flowering of mantra chanting.
There will be a small charge or a donation box on the day to raise funds for Deva.
In a press conference held in Istanbul on Tuesday, a senior official of Deva Holding, Tuba Koseoglu Okcu, said that their company sold 26 million boxes of medicines in the first three months of 2011 and the boxes were worth 178 million TL.
Despite his projects down south, Prabhu Deva worked on a script for the sequel and it is expected to go on floor by the end of 2011.