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Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society.
One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards.

[Middle English deviaunt, from Late Latin dēviāns, dēviant-, present participle of dēviāre, to deviate; see deviate.]

de′vi·ance, de′vi·an·cy n.
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nabweichendes Verhalten, Devianz f
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Ours is one of the few countries to still cling to the colonial-era codification of mental illness as criminal deviancy, embedded in Section 325 (attempt to commit suicide) of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860, and the Lunacy Act, 1912.
Residents are specifically concerned about sexual deviancy and public urination increasing in the area.
I'm all in favour of blowing the lid on their vile behaviour, along with all the Hollywood actors and producers who even manage to make Tory sexual deviancy look like child's play.
It emerged this week that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had a history of violent sexual deviancy and abusive behaviour towards his partner.
Peter Byrne, representing Johnson, said the author of the pre-sentence report concluded he did not have a sexual deviancy but "that it was his long-standing abuse of alcohol that led to this offence.
Similarly, Foucauldian notions concerning deviancy and discipline will be discussed together with Butlerian ideas about gender and sexuality in the context of Victorian respectability and womanhood.
Lueshing reveals how contracts were drawn up and signed by some of the biggest promoters in the sport; how he was offered money to throw a fight; how he supplied marijuana to Mike Tyson, twice attempted suicide - and how his own extreme sexual deviancy left him incapable of being faithful.
She wrote in the draft: "I do not think the BBC can be criticised for failing to uncover Savile's sexual deviancy.
The idea of fining religious deviancy in England can be found in Bishop Gardiner's suggestion to Mary I that she fine Protestants and allow them to go into exile rather than burn them.
The socio-educational service in question takes the form of support interventions and supportive of education regarding children in need and their families, in the presence of educational deficiencies and relational problems intra-family and / or personal, aimed at providing adequate educational tools the creation of a path of autonomy and growth, maturation and conflict resolution to promote social inclusion and to prevent any risk of deviancy.
He added that he had no doubt Bradbury had caused "serious psychological" harm to his victims and there was a risk he would do so in future but said the doctor's recognition of his deviancy meant the risk could be managed.
In what is deemed the suicide letter Hoover warns Martin Luther King that unless he stops front-running the civil rights efforts, proof of his clandestine sexual deviancy and many affairs will be leaked to the American public, his image annihilated.