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v. de·vi·at·ed, de·vi·at·ing, de·vi·ates
1. To turn aside from a course or way: hikers who deviated from the main path.
2. To depart, as from a norm, purpose, or subject; differ or stray. See Synonyms at swerve.
To cause to turn aside or differ.
n. (-ĭt)
A deviant.

[Late Latin dēviāre, dēviāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin via, road; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

de′vi·a′tor n.
de′vi·a·to′ry (-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Typical tests on railway ballast could be between extremes of (1) 15 kpa confining stress and 90 kpa deviator, To (2) 500 kpa confining stress and deviator stress of 3 000 kpa.
where C and C are fourth-order tensors operating on the stress deviator, represented as
Li et al [6] improve predicted method considers multilevel of deviator stresses and multisoil physical states that result from load-level variations, as well as seasonal and weather changes.
The NGC's indoor unit (IDU) includes a built-in 10 MHz reference source as well as environmental controls for the feed heater and, because of the terrain in which it will operate, a sand/dust deviator.
The jealous sisters in the source tale are the deviator figures who make Beauty stay longer in their father's house, however, in "Mr Lyon", it is Beauty's wealth-besotted nature.
is a strain velocity tensor, [I] is a unit tensor, [S] is the deviatoric stress tensor, and q is deviator stress, which is given by
According to Von Mises yield criterion, localized yielding increases with the normal stress differences (determined from the deviator stress tensor) and the magnitude of shear stresses.
Consequently, the deviator can produce higher output more cheaply and free-rides on the lower output of its competitor.
ij] is deviator stress tensor, G is shear modulus, [eta] is dynamic viscosity.
The resilient modulus represents the ratio of repeated deviator stress to recoverable lateral strain, based on the results of constant confining-pressure triaxial tests.
The IMB has now repeated a call for a signal deviator, a device that would effectively block mobile phone transmissions, to be installed at Altcourse.